About Us

A relaxed atmosphere.

Our modern office was designed to create a relaxed atmosphere with earthy tones, textures and colors. We offer entertainment systems for patients and the office is modern and comfortable.

Our Dentists

Varsity Dental Group has 8 dentists to help you with your oral health care needs. We strive to provide excellence in a relaxed and calming atmosphere to give our patients a positive dental experience.

Meet Our Dentists

Our Receptionists

Our front line receptionists Andrea, Candace, Brenda, Dianne, Bev, Kerry and Tracy are the people that you first meet at our clinic. Their positive attitude and helpfulness set the tone for our practice.

Dental Assistants

The friendly and caring attitude of our assistants Chelsey, Andrea, Stephanie, Katie, Shelia, Tracy, Dianne, Rachel, and Terrie will help put you at ease. Their professionalism and support are instrumental to a positive dental experience.

Dental Hygienists

Our team of Registered Dental Hygienists: Chantel, Kristina, Abra, Nicole, Yvette, Sara, and Jordan. Dental Hygienists are invaluable members of the dental team to ensure optimal oral hygiene.

Long term care

Our Long Term Care team is a combination of Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants and Receptionists lead by Dr. Raju Bhargava and Dr. Josh Marshall. At Varsity Dental we understand that it is not always feasible to bring patients from a long term care facility to a dental office, which is why this team is fully equipped to bring the dentistry needed by your family member in long term care facilities to them.